Midwest Bankers Insurance Services

Our Products

Each of MBIS’ financial products is designed to protect banks, their officers, directors and employees from disasters of all kinds. While every financial institution is unique, a common thread between them is the need to prepare for events beyond their control.

  • Professional Lines Coverage
    • Financial Institution Bond

      This multi rider policy provides coverage for dishonest fraudulent acts committed by employees, customers or third parties.

    • Directors & Officers Liability

      This policy protects your Directors, Officers, employees and entities from loss due to lawsuits, criminal/civil proceedings and demands of money by customers, shareholders or third parties.

    • Cyber Liability

      Protection for the entity and individuals from losses arising out of electronic theft of customer information which can include cyber extortion, extra expense, security breach notification, e-commerce activity and electronic publishing.

    • Excess Deposit Bond

      This policy insures customers' deposits above FDIC limits.

  • Property & Casualty Lines
    • Property & Casualty

      This policy protects bank owned buildings, personal property and data processing equipment from physical damage losses. Liability is also picked up on this policy along with Business Auto exposures.

    • Umbrella Liability

      This policy picks up losses that exceed the underlying limits under General Liability, Business Auto Liability and Workers Compensation Liability.

    • Workers Compensation

      This policy provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment.

  • Lending Related Lines
    • Master Property

      This All Risk policy protects foreclosed property from physical damage and liability losses. It can also be used to force place physical damage and liability coverage on the borrower when you become aware that the borrowers policy has lapsed, nonrenewed or cancelled.

    • Mortgage Protection

      This comprehensive policy protects your real estate secured loan portfolio and secondary market portfolio where the bank services the loan. This policy allows the bank to choose between various levels of protection. The blanket option replaces tracked programs.

    • Lenders Single Interest

      This policy protects the bank’s interest in titled property including autos, RVs, boats, mobile homes, trucks, and UCC filed collateral from uninsured damage or theft. This blanket option usually replaces tracked programs.

    • Flood Compliance Solutions

      This program incorporates flood certifications, borrower purchased flood insurance, lender forced place flood insurance and notification to all real estate borrowers that flood insurance is available.

About Us

MBIS is a joint venture by the Minnesota Bankers Association and the Wisconsin Bankers Association and is endorsed by the North Dakota Bankers Association.

We specialize in designing and securing programs specifically for community banks in the Midwest. As an independent agency we have access to a variety of insurance providers to help us tailor bank plans to meet specific needs.

As an insurance agency run by those defending and advocating for banking, you can rest assured we will always have your best interests in mind.

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Contact one of our representatives for a No Charge, Risk Consultation to determine the best insurance protection to meet your bank’s unique needs.

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